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October 19, 2018
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Being an integral part of of the AEC Community, I have realised that Architects and Designers are Artists, and their team, Artisans. The vision of the firm is dependent on the Principles. This comes true to the fact that how many Architects and Designers are stereotyped for their expansive glass facades or constant use of vernacular materials. Thus ironically market defines an Architects / Designers perspective through their first few projects, and labels them as a residential Architects, commercial Architect, and Hospitality Designer and so on. Further, due to lack of support public architecture in India, spatial designs are dependent on client briefs with designer’s bandages on few key areas. The essence of design attribute is lost in firm’s label.

Imagine Chitra Vishwanath, designing a high street Cafe in Mumbai, cans you? Why can’t we? Our imagination is blurred by labels and stereotypes.

Most Indian Architecture Firms and Interior Designers treat communications as an expense. Communication Design is Alien to traditional firms and is often treated as PR or Marketing Activity. This is the reason why many Indian Architecture firms struggle to get their message across its audience who are also their potential clients. Most firms also stay away form any documentation activity, some site COA regulations on Marketing and Sales activity others consider Architecture, aloof from any communication activities.

Communication Design is about strategic engagement with the masses – creating multiple channels for the audience to engage them on different levels – print, email, social media, etc. In reference to a design firm it’s not just the projects the firm has designed or delivered but story of the Project and the design language the firm follows.

The most effective communication efforts are those that develop organically from a clear and focussed firm-wide vision. They reflect the principals’ inclination to experimentation with design and products, with themes and stories of this past experiences in the projects. The above process not only caters to the audience but helps the internal team to work tow with the big picture while efficiently executing every day activities. Such a strategic approach provides two-way communication channels through which an Architect is able to run business ethically and effectively.

Architectural Communication offers a gamut of choices – archiving projects, handling media queries, developing firm portfolio, managing social media, education, business strategy planning etc. Once you start to work towards cataloguing your projects, the idea of Architectural Communications becomes an integral part of your firm.

What encompasses Architectural Communication? – Further in next feature.

If the grass on the other side looks green, it’s FAKE !

Irony at its best, it may seem philosophical but, we may be rich, poor, dark, or white, we all have problems, and we are never content. The neighbour’s plate always looks full, and ours with a whole.

As a rule man is fool, always wanting what is not, when it is HOT he wants COOL, when it is COOL he wants HOT

Attending a “casual” office meeting in Westin, last evening, my director, addressed employee issues. From travel allowances to appraisals everything was discussed on the platter. With this inherent whimsical satire he said, if the grass on the other side is green, it’s fake. It was then I realized, as if it was the truth of life. Everything he desire and wish, is in juxtaposition to other, our peers, subordinates, bosses, relatives, friends and so on.

It is important to strategize what makes us happy and content. This simple introspection exercise will help you understand your stress level. We often feel, our workspace or work environment is a problem. Boss doesn’t like you and your team hates you. Well then why should they, on the contrary think I suggest don’t quit. If you can’t do good here, you will never do good anywhere. Everyone one feels their workplace is a war zone, if they don’t well they aren’t really doing anything valuable. If they hate you is only because they are insecure, else they would never have you, now would they?

They key is stay positive, stay focussed. Never be free. Stop thinking and start doing. They are all words of wisdom, until you start implementing. It is like learning GMAT vocabulary but never using it.

How to make my grass greener !

Now you want the neighbors grass, so either you either step on his grass, or sow your own. Stepping on the other side, will he really let you. Now you are really entering the war zone. So your own grass, tall and higher. Sow a rose. Sow a tree. So a garden. It’s all yours.

Make your own world. Make it big. make it large. But make it your own.

P.S. – “causal’ – meetings with boss are never casual

Equality at WORKPLACE for men !


Irony at its best. Sex discrimination against men at work place? MEN ! raises the eyebrows. After all that jazz of feminism and women’s liberation, comes a recent study indication, Men are the new victims of sex discrimination and workplace harassment.

Male applicants were up to four times as likely as women to suffer differential treatment when seeking jobs in accountancy and computer programming,PR , Marketing, Office Administration, HR according to researchers who submitted hundreds of pairs of fake CVs to employers – offering identical qualifications and experience, but alternating male and female names – The Guardian

Discrimination against Men

  1. Assumptions that a particular type of work or duty within a job is unsuitable for a man. (HR, PR, Client Servicing, Cabin Crew etc.)
  2. Maternity Leaves – Women are entitled to maternity leaves, however men have salary cuts even on their childbirths.
  3. Positive discrimination in favour of women : When women employee is appraised (promoted) to augment company’s image as women friendly organization.
  4. Flexible working requests by women with young children are allowed, however men slog all the hours.
  5. Sexual harassment in Female dominated work environment.
  6. Discrimination against marital status.
  7. Discrimination against Men by Men at senior position.

Female-dominated workplaces can often lead to sex discrimination against men. I firmly believe in equality of women and men, there is no difference apart from anatomy between them. They work perfectly together in a team, but what if she gets appreciated and promoted just because you boss likes her, or he wants a woman manager. It is just frustrating isn’t it.


But does it really happen? Men? Are you serious? It happens everywhere, and as men rapes aren’t discussed, so isn’t sexual discrimination against men. But it is far more prevalent in metropolitan work culture.

So shouldn’t these complaints be heard more seriously than ever.

Special treatment or equal treament ?

The next irony will wamble you, ironically major discrimination against men is by men themselves. LOL !

Now this is something hilarious but true.

So if your BOSS doesn’t like you because or likes you too much because you are MAN, be ready for serious discrimination trouble.


We all discuss problems, but now let’s focus on solutions.

  1. Always report discrimination against men or women
  2. Avoid discriminatory talks about women at work, might fuel female bosses ego
  3. Avoid unethical business practices involving women to close your own deals
  4. Always respect the other sex and support them in their initiatives
  5. Practice equality, get equality

Speeding your growth in the organization


Irony at its best. You work hard? Harder everyday day, but they don’t notice you. Come worst, another executive is hired to supervise your work(BOSS around). Ironically in every organization, senior work executives are hired,and preferred  over already groomed and seasoned human resource of the company. They have better pay packages and perks. More responsibility and less work. Old employees often feel neglected and disappointed. Moreover, they are expected to meet targets and deadlines, directly and indirectly enhancing performance and productivity of the newly hired bosses. It happens all the time? If it does, its completely normal.

Contemplate on a scenario where you own the business, wouldn’t you want the business to grow and be managed by the best in the industry. The prevalent business strategists believe that hiring experienced resources will generate new business from their industry contacts and also help managing the existing resources in the company.

However, I like you believe differently, a less experienced in-house resource is the best bet to increase business and pump sales. Why? Here are some definite answers.

  1. How stuff works here : He is experienced with the current system and has already developed ease of understanding the business process.
  2. I am loyal : He has already been loyal enough to be in the system and learn continuously.
  3. Eager to learn : His journey has been a continuous learning process and he is still in process of learning.
  4. Growth : He is looking for growth in the industry, and will do anything to grow in the organization. Thus, he can sustain more work-pressure as compared to new employees.

Take a survey around you. Most people change workplace (Switch as they call it) not because of money but Learning opportunities, work environment, office pressure etc. It is a striking fact that, after all its not all about the money

Okay, now coming to why I wrote all that jazz, “how to speed up your growth in your current organization”. First things, first. Self-evaluation.

  1. Are you satisfied with your career?
  2. Is this the job you wanted?
  3. Is this your industry?
  4. Are you ready to work hard, harder by all means?
  5. Are you right for the company?
  6. Does the company need you more than you need the company?

If answer to all of the above questions is YES. Scroll down.

How to make your self wanted? Imagine your company like a girl/guy you have interested in, you voo her all the time, but she likes someone else. Probably she is friendly but she doesn’t love you. But you want her by all means. You want to feel wanted and important. You want her to talk to you all the time, talk about you all the time, treat you like you are everything to her. Well then start making that extra effort NOW !

Steps to make a place in her heart :

  1. Extra attention : Every bit counts, start giving that extra attention and care.
  2. Loyal : Make sure you always praise the company, even if you don’t like something about it. Never mad-mouth. Watch your words.(well if you really dint like the company, why are you working anyway).
  3. Everyday Birthday : Be groomed as if its your birthday today. Feel happy and make other feel that positivity. Fake it to all extent that you yourself feel its real. Every boss wants to point out that perfect employee he had always wanted.
  4. Hyper-ponsible : He excited and hyper about new projects and execute them responsibly.
  5. I am the BOSS : Work like you own the company, and work your actions as they would for your company.
  6. Say “NO” : Say NO to tasks you cannot perform and work you cannot handle. This will ease out any negative pressure and you will never make mistakes. This will also create awareness that you the no bull-shit guy.
  7. Proactive : Always suggest ideas and suggestions pro-actively. Support people and projects in open. Never say NO if you CAN do it. Always fair out new ideas on print or e-print.
  8. Shut-up : Never be negative. If you feel differently, give an alternate, do not negate others ideas or concepts. If don’t have your own alternate. SHUT UP.
  9. Show-time : Talk yo your boss. Show him how much you love the company and your concern about the growth. Ask for unwanted suggestions and comments.
  10. Ask : Start asking. Increment, promotion, leaves, change in profile, etc all have to be asked. Remember a job is not given but taken.

A study suggests, employees who talk to their bosses have 72 % more chance to be promoted. And 67 % more change to be sacked. 😛 Law of average.

Thus, concluding, if you make love to your company, it should conceive a productive results within 9 months. Stay focused. Stay smart.

The only thing constant : CHANGE

Awaiting suggestions and feedback.

PS: I have used his/him(male pronouns) for ease. I completely support women equality at work place, and believe they have 35% more growth rates in any company if they follow my next blog.

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