OneDigital Leadership

Nishit Gururani


"A simple idea, cleverly packaged is the way forward."

Nishit Gururani, the man behind One Digital has provided the inspiration and initiative behind a range of high-profile and award-winning campaigns and strategies for clients, including those in sales, marketing, design and digital technology.

Co-founding One Digital, Nishit is also the Director of Blankspace, which is an eminent name for Architecture events pan India which transformed into a premier mid-sized agency in mere 2 years. It holds events namely Art of Architecture, ArchWorx, FAAA Dialogues, and Art of Design. His prior experience includes heading Architecture & Design events at ACETECH, Decorama Magazine & Design Show, Property Expo etc. He has also curated events with influential industry names like Pepsico, Tiger Sports Management, DIAGEO and Audi India.

A leader in himself and an industry influencer, Nishit focuses on rigorous brand-building activities for the firm with his core in business development and sales.

Himani Ahuja


"Slow and Steady is above Fast and Finished. Organic media outreach is epitome of communications."

An Architect by education and an Architectural Communications Director by profession – Himani Ahuja believes in binding Communications with Architecture.

Having written for various publication houses and newspapers of the country and overseas featuring Architecture-Real Estate-Interiors-Construction, she is currently focussing on taking print and e-media globally for her clients. She has been handling media accounts of Creative Group, Studio K.I.A, Chromed Design Studio and Intrigue Designs to name a few.
Her international media works include architects like Sir Peter Cook, one of the most eminent English architects and Ar. Harshad R. Patel, Founding Principal of Design Consortium which is one of the top 25 design firms of LA, United States. She was a speaker at the World Women Economic Forum 2017 as a leader from her industry.

Since Architecture is an Art which has its own limitations of marketing, she makes sure it makes a world of its own through strategies targeting Profile Building of a firm aiding them to stand out from the crowd.